Apr 20, 2012

Auction spring clean

Ok demo's, you all know we have so much stuff we could fill a building. With the new catalog coming out I decided it is time to clean out my space. I am downsizing and only keeping what I absolutely must. So after much research on line on marketing ideas I found one that just might work. I have decided to take all my OLDER and gently used sets in wood that I can part with and price them out, for example some are marked 100.00. $100.00 you say? Well here is the game and how it works. I am having a LEAVE YOUR WALLET AT HOME PARTY during the new launch. I will have tables of stamps for my guest to view. Their invitation will clearly state this is a leave your wallet at home party. They can earn auction dollars by doing the following, joining a club, hosting a workshop, signing up for a class, bringing in an order, etc. I will give them 100-500 dollars for each item they do. When they check in at the party they will get a bidding paddle made from the BIG SHOT. I am even auctioning off a class for 4. So maybe if you do a little spring cleaning and downsize it can give you plenty of business in the next few months! Good luck. Be back on Monday! Have a great weekend. Brenda

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