Dec 30, 2012

Reality is a Killer!

Hello blog world!
 Have you ever just realized you are not super woman, and you can't do everything? I finally realize for the first time in my life I can't do it all. Many of you whom have followed me for the last few years have seen my rise and fall of blog post. This past year has been especially hard for me. I have had such a overwhelming amount of responsibilities and I had to let somethings go. My blog took the hardest hit. I basically only stamped and created once a month for my clubs. I would finally lay my head down at night and POP "I would think S**T I forgot to post a project! Finally I just quit worrying and mostly went on with my crazy schedule. Well I think I have a handle on things and life has slowed itself just a tad. My New Years resolution is to post 2-3 times a week. I am looking forward to inking myself up again. I really have missed my inks and card stock. Starting on January 1 I will start posting again so PLEASE come and visit me. I hope to give you some great ideas and I hope you can give me supportive comments to help me along.
Thanks for all the support I know when you stop in and I appreciate it. May this year bring much happiness and many blessings. I pray for peace and guidance. Happy New Year.
Brenda Anderson

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