Mar 25, 2013

Spring Retreat February 2013

I loved spending time with my friends this year at our first Spring Retreat! I have held my first fall retreat (October 2012) and now my first Spring retreat ( Feb 2013). I started small with only 6 girls and now my Fall retreat coming this November is 12 strong! Of course I had to move to a bigger facility but I am so happy! I love teaching new products and projects, I told my husband I wish I could just teach at retreats exclusively. Wow a mini vacation every month but I do work hard. I plan all the projects because this isn't your normal retreat where you work on your own stuff. I plan every project for the whole time we are there. Here are a few pictures to share.
A few Easter Treats and Mini Scrapbook
Debbie and her St. Patty Treats

Anita showing off her Cheeto Carrot!
Anita and Debbie hard at work

Terri showing off her M & M treats

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