Nov 6, 2014

Week#5 Christmas houses

Base card is 8.50 x 5.50 I scored it on the 8.50 side at 4.25. Now when reading my instructions I will tell you I use my stampinup paper trimmer upside down. The logo is upside down and thr trimming bar is on the left side of my cutting platform. Now that is out of the way. Here are the instructions.
Line up the cardstock on the 5.50 side and bring the right side down to the 3 inch mark. So when you cut in it will be 2.50 inches wide. I use a piece of a post it note to mark my cutting mark which will be at the 1 inch mark and stopping at the 6.50 mark. Then you will turn your card stock to the 8.50 side and your fresh cut 2.50 will be at the top. Line up the right edge at the 7.5 and score up to the 3 inch mark again use a post it note to mark your stopping point so your score marks should be as you go 7.50-6.50-5.25-4-2. Reminder you are working from the right sliding your cardstock to the left.
Fold your score mark on the 2.5 width side in mountain fold see picture below.
Now to fold your mountains and valleys on the 3 inch side start at the front of the card with the first 1 inch mountain, and keep folding mountain-valley-mountain-valley-large mountain. Refer to photo.
I added a 1x5.50 strip of whisper white on the front of the card add your trees and your red house. Add an additional strip of whisper white 1x5.50 strip cut the top into hills before you tape down. Also cut your white glitter paper into a slight slope. If you like your card with out the glitter paper save it for something else. Add your houses in each valley according to the photo and glue in place.
These pieces are embossed in white embossing powder.

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