Feb 24, 2011

I am so honored

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award....Imagine That!!

I always appreciate all the comments visitors leave for me. When I saw that Cindy had given me this award I was speechless. It finally sunk in that people really do visit my blog.  I started this blog in October 2010 and can't believe all the visitors I get that truly like my designs. I am truly touched. I am also shocked at how many cards I view on the SC and many of those girls do not have a blog. Again Thank you Cindy.

I received this award from Cindy, at:

Here's what I have to do...

1.  Thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog (see above link)

2.  Share 8 things about yourself.

3.  Pass this award to 8 others individuals that I have recently discovered.

4.  Leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition.

8 things about myself:

1.  I live in a small village in Brown Deer Wisconsin.

2.  I have run an in home daycare for teachers for 15 years.Raising 92 children and potty training each one. This job has come with unconditional love and joy. Lots of hard work too.

3.  I have been married for 30 years and have 3 wonderful boys a fabulous daughter-inlaw. 2 grandson's that make my heart burst with pride.

4.  I have a tight group of friends. There are 20 of us total and are very, very close. We camp together, picnic together, and have raised all of our children together. We have stood together through several cancer survivors, heart surgeries,and MS. We are all stronger for this.I can count on all of them!

5.  I secretly love reality shows and truly miss shows like Dallas and Knots Landing.

6.  About 22 years ago my parents had a Craft Store. A rep had come in and told us stamping was something NEW and would be BIG. After he left I talked my dad out of buying that line. We closed the store 3 years later. After attending my first workshop I signed up to be a demonstrator It was love at first sight. That was 9 years ago!My father is confused but still amazed at the passion I have for stamping. My mother still doesn't understand how I am so happy playing in piles of paper.Ink on my fingers, glitter in my hair, ahh heaven.

7.  I am retiring from daycare this year and planning to go full time into this hobby of mine. I am looking to recruit and do many workshops!

8.  I love sharing and love creating. Today I tackle stenciling on different media's look for photo's soon!

I've been following a number of blogs thanks to Stampin' Connection and they are all so fun!!

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